Universal ‘Test and Treat’ for HIV cost-effective in high prevalence regions.

by Ryan O'HareRoshni Mehta. 

12 March 2021

Rolling out home-based testing and universal treatment for HIV is cost-effective and can cut the incidence of cases in high-prevalence communities.

These are the findings of a major HIV-prevention study involving more than one million people in Zambia and South Africa, published in The Lancet Global Health. 

Timothy Ray Brown.jpg

IAS bids sad farewell to Timothy Ray Brown, the “Berlin patient"

Doing What’s Needed

It is with a profoundly heavy heart that IAS – the International AIDS Society – today mourns the passing of Timothy Ray Brown, the first person to be cured of HIV.  

Known as the “Berlin Patient”, Timothy was cured of HIV in 2008 after undergoing a complex stem cell transplant for lymphoma. For the past six months, Timothy had been living with a recurrence of the leukaemia that had entered his spine and brain. He had remained HIV free. 

london patient.png

The London patient: long-term follow-up suggests no detectable HIV virus

Making a Difference

Long-term follow-up of the ‘London patient’, the second patient to ever achieve sustained HIV remission after ceasing antiretroviral treatment, has suggested that there is no active detectable HIV virus remaining.

Second person ever to be cleared of HIV reveals identity.

The second person ever to be cleared of HIV has revealed his identity, saying he wants to be an “ambassador of hope” to others with the condition.