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bNAbs in treatment naïve HIV-1 patients initiaiting ART

Study completed (2017-2021)

The eCLEAR trial investigated whether the early administration of anti-latency reversing therapy and broadly neutralizing antibodies could limit the establishment of the HIV-1 reservoir during initiation of antiretroviral treatment.

This study combined the use of 3BNC117, a potent broadly neutralizing antibody, with a potent latency reversing agent, romidepsin, as a novel approach to reduce the HIV-1 reservoir in ART naïve patients initiating ART.

Subjects continued background ART while receiving the remaining course of romidepsin and/or 3BNC117. The study aimed to evaluate the effect of early viral reactivation and/or administration of potent broadly neutralizing antibodies on the size of the latent HIV-1 reservoir in treatment naïve HIV-1 patients initiating ART; and the safety and tolerability of the Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs).

eCLEAR was jointly coordinated by Aarhus University (Sponsor), Imperial College London and Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust.

The study was funded by the Danish Government.

There were six clinical sites participating in the study in Denmark, and two in the UK: St Mary’s Hospital and Guy’s Hospital in London.

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