The CHERUB cooperative is led by a Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) with representatives from the key partners. The day to day management of the CHERUB Cooperative is led by the CHERUB Programme Liaison Group (PLG).The CHERUB Cooperative is supported by a Secretariat hosted by the Imperial HIV Clinical Trial Research Management Office


Scientific Steering Committee
Oxford University
John Frater
Imperial College London
Sarah Fidler
University of Cambridge
Andrew Lever
Mark Wills
King’s College London
Julie Fox
University College London
Ravi Gupta
Co-opted members
Simon Collins (i-base)
Damian Kelly (i-base)
Lisa Thorley (UK CAB)
Programme Liaison Group
John Frater (Chair) – Lucy Dorrell – Jodi Meyerowitz – Matthew Pace – Oxford University
Sarah Fidler – John Thornhill – Imperial College London
Caroline Foster – Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust
Ravi Gupta – Clare Jolly – University College London
Eleni Nastouli – University College Hospital
Abdel Babiker – Kholoud Porter – MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL
John Cason – Julie Fox – King’s College London
Andrew Lever – Mark Wills – Cambridge University
CHERUB Secretariat – Imperial College London
Hanna Box
Cherry Kingsley
Katie Topping