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Professor Sarah Fidler interviewed by The Guardian Upside Science, 30th Nov 2018 about ‘kick and ‘kill’

Prof Sarah Fidler, Imperial College London

Professor Sarah Fidler from Imperial College London has been interviewed in The Guardian about the “kick and kill” strategy in HIV. This strategy was used in the recent RIVER trial, which reported its findings at the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, on the 24th of July 2018.

“One approach, often named the “kick and kill” or “shock and kill”, aims to kick the resting cells out of their sleep so they can be pinpointed and eliminated.”

“Sarah Fidler, professor of HIV medicine at Imperial College London, who recently led a major study testing the efficacy of the kick and kill method said:
“The idea is to reactivate the latent cells so they start producing the proteins on their surface so they look different from healthy cells. We would do this with some kind of drug, which is what we’re in the process of determining.”

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