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CHERUB cure survey at British HIV Association 21st Annual Conference (BHIVA) 2015

The CHERUB cure survey was presented at the British HIV Association Conference in Brighton in April 2015. Please see below responses from community groups:

The following two posters were also presented of the cure survey results:

BHIVA Simmons Cure Study (small)        BHIVA Kall Qualitative Cure Study poster (small)



‘Kick and kill’ strategy findings

“The human immune system can handle large bursts of HIV activity and so it should be possible to cure HIV with a ‘kick and kill’ strategy, finds new research led by UCL, the University of Oxford and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The ‘kick and kill’ strategy aims to cure HIV by stimulating the immune system with a vaccine, then re-awakening dormant HIV hiding in white blood cells with a chemical ‘kick’ so that the boosted immune system can identify and kill them. ‘Our study shows that the immune system can be as powerful as the most potent combination drug cocktails,’ explains study co-author Dr Ravi Gupta (UCL Infection & Immunity).” For the full article please follow this link.

The Times article on ‘Kick and kill‘.