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Report in the Daily Telegraph on the Danish Panobinostat Study

In today’s Daily Telegraph there is a report called “Scientists on brink of HIV cure”.

It will be really interesting to see the data from the Danish researchers, but the title of the article is not accurate. The data are not published yet, so we do not know the details of what they have found and how important it is. If they can show that Panobinostat can wake up HIV to allow it to be targeted by the immune system it would be a big step forward, but one has to remember there is a long way to go before HIV Cure becomes a realistic proposition, or a widespread treatment.

Many thanks to all those who have made contact regarding being involved in CHERUB trials. At the moment we will be recruiting for our studies through certain NHS clinics, and won’t be able to contact people directly. If you want to be involved in research, do talk to your doctor and they can tell you what studies are available.

We will keep the site up-dated as our studies and trials move forward.

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